Digital Row Counter Review – Should you get one?


Digital Row Counter Review

Hello there! I just wanted to say a few words about the latest knitting/crocheting tool I got recently. I had been seeing these around the crafting sites for a while, and I was really interested in trying it, because there just doesn’t seem to be a perfect counting solution. Until now!

The feature I love the most is the large counting range. Most counters only go up to 99 rows, but this one looks like it will go all the way up to 99999! Now most of us won’t ever need to count that many rows, but it’s nice to know its there.

The counter features a large counting button and a small reset button off to the side. These work really well together. The large button is raised and easy to find and push quickly, without fear of hitting the smaller reset button. To save battery, the counter screen goes to sleep automatically after several minutes. You can hit the large button once to wake it up and it displays the last row you counted. Hit it one more time to count the row you just finished. – I found that it stayed on plenty long enough for me to finish a long row (or even two), so most of the time you won’t need to wake it from sleep. Just push the big button once and keep on going!

The other thing I love about this counter is the fact that it sits on your finger like a ring. Other counters always seem to get lost in my couch cushions, but this one is always right where I need it! The clear plastic band feels soft and is adjustable. I was a little worried about sizing, but the smallest setting works well for my small (Size 6) index finger. Anyone who needs to get the ring even smaller could easily adjust it by cutting the ends of the band with some scissors.

Wondering where to find one of these? I’ve seen them on Ebay, Etsy and Amazon, but I got mine at KnitPicks for less than $5.

So that’s it! A big two thumbs up from this crafter! What do you think of this new digital crafting tool? Let me know in the comments section!

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